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We have been present in the renewable energy industry since 2012. We have gained our experience and skills on the demanding German market. Our western neighbors are a world leader in renewable energy. The knowledge gained over the years has allowed us to develop comprehensive solutions for building photovoltaic farms on the ground and on roofs.

Technological knowledge is not everything, we reach for more.

We are a certified producer of the most durable supporting structures for ground solar power plants. This is due to the static calculations of the structure, which are performed for each project separately, depending on its location, and the use of the latest Magnelis zinc coatings.

Thus, REVOLTON has become a strong company – a leader in the construction, energy, design and construction industries. The synergy effect achieved by combining our strengths in each of these areas enables us to professionally execute any turnkey project.

We are able to perform any PV installation quickly and without failure, regardless of its size, location and type of technology used.

We offer our clients a comprehensive service – full support from the moment the project is completed, through delivery to professional installation. Thus, the investor saves time, money and energy. Revolton is a partner that reduces the investment time to a minimum.

We have the most modern equipment that can be used in the industry at the moment, a brand new fleet of cars, technology adapted to any terrain and ground conditions.

We have an unlimited number of fitters. They all have a work permit in the European Union. (CARD A1).

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REVOLTON Sp. z o.o.
ul. Złota 7 lok.18
00-019 Warszawa
tel. +48 784190248
e-mail: info@revolton.pl

REVOLTON Sp. z o.o.
Jakuszów 58
59-222 Miłkowice
tel. 76 5000025
e-mail: info@revolton.pl
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