Mounting Systems

Our proprietary ground mounting structures were created based on many years of experience in the construction of photovoltaic farms.

The choice of mounting structures should always be dictated by the choice of the best parameters, which is why Revolton decided to use many new ideas and technological solutions, which at the same time have already proven themselves in the implementation of many projects.

Let’s get down to business. RV 4X7 mounting systems were created for industrial photovoltaic installations. They are characterized by the speed of assembly. Why? Because it’s only six foundation supports. Yes, this is all you need to fix the table of 28 modules. Need more modules? RV 6X7 ground structures for photovoltaics accommodate as many as 42 PV modules on one table.

All structures are created in such a way that they can be located even in the most difficult terrain, i.e. they fulfill their task regardless of soil conditions, location of the investment in a given wind or snow zone. There are 3 wind zones and as many as 5 snow zones in Poland. Terrestrial structures for Revolton photovoltaic panels will meet the weather conditions in each of these zones, because the static calculations of the structure are selected for each location individually, depending on the requirements and loads of individual geographic zones.

Corrosion is no longer a problem

We use the best anti-corrosion coatings dedicated to this type of construction, which must meet specific strength requirements.

In July 2015, Magnelis® was added to the European standard for hot-dip coated steel (EN 10346). Excellent corrosion resistance is the result of a unique composition (3% Mg and 3.5% Al), which provides stable and strong protection on the entire surface of the sheet and on its edges. The dense Magnelis® coating prevents the underlying steel layer from contacting the environment and acts as a barrier against corrosion. These properties have been proven in both rapid laboratory tests and environmental tests. The coating has certificates of approval for use issued by such independent bodies as: CSTB (France), DIBt (Germany), RISE (Sweden). That is why we give a 25-year warranty on our constructions.


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