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We implement projects comprehensively. We like and know how to do it. Our confidence comes from 10 years of experience, especially in the demanding German market.

At the investor’s request, we prepare a conceptual and executive design. We take care of the formalities and take care of those that allow you to obtain building permits and work out the necessary arrangements with the energy company.

We are able to implement investments in any area. We provide professional soil research. The fastest and most accurate tiling. Why? Modern pile driving devices enable quick and efficient work, which saves the investor’s time and money.

We will carry out all earthworks in all – even very difficult ground conditions.

Our engineers perform all the necessary static calculations and measurements of the lifting forces of the foundation piles.

We supply components for power plants, from structures, modules, inverters, cables, transformer stations to fences and monitoring. We carry out complete assembly and electrical works.

Designing photovoltaic farms

We design solar farms using our extensive experience on foreign markets. At Revolton, we reach for modern technologies and innovative solutions.

We start designing solar farms with a map for design purposes. After its delivery by the investor, we apply for the connection conditions along with the presentation of the provisions of the Local Development Plan, which will clearly show that it is possible to build a RES installation on the indicated plot.

When necessary, we also help to obtain an environmental decision.

The conceptual design allows for the preparation of a technical concept for the selection of the power of a photovoltaic farm, the selection of devices, and the layout of photovoltaic modules. It also allows you to forecast the annual yields from the farm and to create a preliminary cost estimate for the investor.

According to § 5.1. of the Construction Law Act, detailed designs should supplement and detail the construction design to the extent and degree of accuracy necessary for the preparation of an investor’s cost estimate, preparation of an offer by the contractor and implementation of construction works. It is always required when a given investment is financed from public funds.

The detailed design also allows for the detailed and proper use of construction and material solutions, architectural details and construction devices, individual installations and all technical equipment.

General contracting of solar plants. What is it about?

We provide full and professional support at every stage of the construction of an industrial photovoltaic installation on roofs or a photovoltaic farm on the ground.

As a company with many years of experience in Revolton, we carry out the necessary analyzes, both in terms of technical and economic issues.

We coordinate and develop comprehensive design documentation, i.e. technical design of the installation, application for connection conditions to the DSO, application along with documentation necessary to apply to the competent authority for issuing building permits.

We prepare a detailed work schedule, of course in constant cooperation with the investor. We select proven components and devices that guarantee high yields and efficient operation, at the same time we select appropriate supporting structures fully adapted to the power plant’s power, technical requirements and ground conditions.

After the assembly stage of the complete photovoltaic system, we continue to coordinate the process of connecting to the power grid, and then we will check its correct operation. Revolton does not leave the investor alone.

Arrangements and connection to the network

REVOLTON helps investors to go through the various stages of connecting new or expanded RES sources to the distribution network.
And they are:

Submitting an application for issuing grid connection conditions.

Determining the conditions for connecting the source to the grid, including the scope of the devices to be built along with technical parameters, and in the case of farms above 2 MV, also an expert opinion on the impact of the connected RES source on the energy system.

Connection implementation, where the electricity producer is responsible not only for the construction of a renewable energy source (photovoltaic installation or farm), but also for submitting a “statement on the implementation of the installation” – for renewable sources with a capacity of at least 500 kW.

Conclusion of a distribution agreement and obtaining an appropriate license to generate electricity, issued by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office.

And then concluding a sales contract with the energy buyer and starting to feed the generated electricity into the Distribution System Operator’s grid.

We will take care of the correctness of all agreements and declarations and we will ensure the applicable deadlines.


The investment process of a photovoltaic farm requires knowledge of technology, electrical, legal, construction and environmental issues as well as the RES Act. Equally important, however, is the financing itself, which can be implemented in the form of:

  • investment loan;
  • leasing;
  • EU funding for 2021 and beyond

Revolton meets the needs of investors and helps to implement the investment also in terms of obtaining appropriate financing.


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